Who are you?  I am the admin of this blog and I am a gamer as well.
 Why did you create this blog?  To talk about my favorite online game – Run 3.
 So is this general gaming blog?  No, it does cover gaming articles, but I will add other interesting news as well.
 Do you have other Run game series as well?  Right now I can offer you only the third version of the game.
 Do you also write guides?  Of course I do, I have tons of different guides, read them, they are really helpful.
 What is the benefit of playing video games?  To relax, to remove stress and have fun. Entertainment is very important for us.
 Do you plan to add video guides as well?  Well, I already have video guides on my blog, I plan to add more in the near future.
 Do you have plans regarding the forum?  I really would love to create such a platform, sadly right now I don’t have enough resources for it.
 How often do you play games?  Like I have said before, I am a gamer… I play games on a daily basis (2-3 hours per day).
 Can we become friends in steam?  Send your ID via the contact form and I will add you to my friends list.

I hope you have found all the answers. If you want to learn more please contact me via contact form directly, we can talk there or you can add me to steam friends list.