About us

Welcome to my blog guys, hope you are doing great. So today I want to tell you a little bit more about myself and about Run 3 game, let’s start our short story, shall we?

First of all, I am a gamer, I love to play online games and I love to talk about them in general, from time to time I write various articles and share them with you. I always thought that my articles were helpful for beginners, I always hoped that they enjoyed reading them and they were able to learn a lot from them. With that being said we are getting close to the reason why this blog exists and why I am here, my goal is to help you guys and to inform you, that is all.

I also share game suggestions with you apart from guides, I add popular online games, I give you names and sources where you can find it. Keep in mind that all my game suggestions belong to free to play category, in order to play these games you don’t have to buy anything or install anything, all you have to do is to visit the blog and play it directly from the browser.

Now a little bit more about Run 3 game and why I stopped my attention on it. First of all, I have noticed that millions of people play it on a daily basis, I assumed that the game was awesome since people play it so much and I was right. This game is really outstanding one and you should definitely try it. This blog is a method to get your attention, I am sure that you will love this running game as much as I did.

Of course, I won’t stop on this game only, in the near future I will add more games, I will talk more about new releases and other cool stuff as well. Stay with and keep yourself informed about gaming.