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Okay, we have the latest version of the game – Run 3 and it looks just as good as previous versions and it has some features as well which makes this release even better.

First of all, I have noticed that the graphics of the game improved significantly, movements seem smoother as well, and I really love a new option that allows you to jump on the walls and run there (since the running game takes part in the middle of space gravity is not an issue), it makes the game more dynamic and can add additional thrill to the game as well.

I have also noticed that higher levels of the game are harder, in order to finish these tough levels you will have to use all your gaming experience.

How to play:

As the name suggests in this game your only objective is to run, you will have to run until you will reach the finish line, in this case, you will advance on another level. The game has a lot of different obstacles, try not to hit these obstacles and also try to avoid holes that appear along the way. In order to not fall you can use walls, you can just switch from one side of the map to another, just run straight forward to the wall and the game will automatically switch to a new view. This wall running feature changed the game a lot, now it looks more entertaining and thrilling (IMHO).


Navigation is pretty simple in Run 3, you can either use AWSD buttons or arrow buttons ← → ↑ ↓.

Previous versions:

There are two previous versions of the game, I always suggest people to start playing from the very first release of the game in order to follow the storyline fully, but in this case, it is not so important at all, you see run game series hardly have any storyline at all, all parts are independent of each other and they all involve simple running and nothing else. You can start playing from any versions it will make no difference, it is the same good old running game that has an amazing effect of relaxation.

Find this game on your device:

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A guide from YouTube:

For beginners, we have a video guide, which is uploaded on the YouTube platform. Hope you will appreciate our hard work guys (looking forward to seeing more likes under the video)


The main thing which attracts me to this game is its simplicity, it is both simple and amazingly entertaining at the same time, I love how awesome game looks in general, smooth movements, dynamic gameplay, and challenging levels. The game is pretty good and can help you a lot to relax while you are bored at work (or at school).